Seeds of Earth: The Singular Anomaly is a 2.5D top-down Action RPG with a focus on exploration, build diversity, and loot variety. Players fly spaceships that grow in both power and size in a fully-simulated physics environment and equip randomly generated weapons, shields, engines, and more.

Versatile Spaceships

Choose from one of three mega-corporations, specializing your ship’s equipment slots, upgrade tree, chassis aesthetics, and overall gameplay approach.


Auriga Mining


Rounded and reliable. Jack of all trades, master of none.


Galileo Science and Technology


Nimble but fragile. High power, high risk.

Yasim-Guarav-Victor Coalition


Hull tank. Resistance and defensive support.


Shoot ’n Loot

Destroying enemies, completing goals, and visiting the vendor generates items and Modules with random stats, modifiers, and rarities. Equip these Modules to your ship’s equipment slots to build your preferred style of gameplay.

Long-range/short-range combo with Mass Drivers and Blasters? All Laser Lance face-melting? Missile Launchers for area-of-effect followed by a trusty Railgun for cleanup? Build your loadout with a huge variety of generated items and varied mechanics that fit your unique play-style.


Pilots can purchase upgrades for their ship in exchange for cryp. There are 3 types of Upgrade Levels: Attribute Upgrade Levels, Active Upgrade Levels, and Passive Upgrade Levels. Each unlocked Upgrade Level allows a choice between 3 different Upgrades, with free respeccing.

Attribute Upgrades
- numeric improvements such as:

  • Super-conductive Wiring: +12% Max Power
  • Hardened Armor: +1 Kinetic Hull Resistance

Active Upgrades
- activated abilities that consume Power to activate unique effects, such as:

  • Force Pulse: Pushes all enemies within 20,000 units away from you; 25 Power, 18 second Cooldown

Passive Upgrades
- always-active passive bonuses and effects such as:

  • Arms Dealer: +50% Railgun Fire Rate and Damage
  • Backup Battery: When you fall below 20% Integrity, your Shields instantly regenerate to Max Shields. This effect cannot happen more than once every 60 seconds

Ship Chassis Progression

Ships grow not only in power, but also in size! New pilots start with the tiny Fighter-class chassis with 4 Module slots and 1 Upgrade Level; veteran pilots can unlock the huge and devastating Dreadnaught-class chassis with 13 Module slots and 21 Upgrade Levels!

Sci-Fi Universe

Seeds of Earth is set in the far-flung future, as humanity is just beginning to establish itself in new interstellar colonies. Action RPGs have been almost exclusively relegated to the fantasy genre, relying on magic and obscure arcanum in gritty worlds. Seeds of Earth seeks to bring a more science- and technology-oriented take on the genre, while telling a story about gripping existential horror.

Each Act of the main storyline presents unique and varied locations in new star systems from icy moons, to sprawling asteroid belts, to intricate space stations. These areas are randomly generated, providing a fresh experience for each play session. Team up with the Interstellar Health Authority to unravel the mysteries of the Singular and save humanity from certain extinction!